Take QuickBooks Online and Add Custom Fields, Activities, and More with Method Integration

I am absolutely amazed with this "new" offering that most people are not aware of, what I call QuickBooks on Steroids (but in a good way). I guess I should call it QuickBooks on Supplements to sound more positive. Anyway, a bunch of very smart Canadians finally took the entire accessible QuickBooks database and put it into the cloud, which is to say they brought it online as a web-based application. Now an unlimited number of multiple users can access and view simultaneously lists, transactions, reports, you name it from QuickBooks files imprisoned on the Desktop Computer. You can also create new transactions, customize reports and templates and print directly from the web.

Now the real kicker is that there is an endless possibility to customize and build on top of your QuickBooks data to match your own business' processes. This means you can created unlimited custom fields, activities with calendars, actions that cause other things to happen, and more! But the nice thing is that they have done a lot of the work already by including a CRM to track potential customers as leads, which can then be turned into QuickBooks customers with one click. There is also a Field Service module to schedule and track work orders for contractors working on-site where they can do time-tracking of their time on jobs, enter comments, and re-schedule jobs.

Manage your entire business in one place. With just at least one version of QuickBooks, your business can save tons of time and money by eliminating network hassles, difficult workarounds, and user-license limits. Access your business data anytime, anywhere with a computer, tablet, and even smartphones and iPhones with Internet access.

If you want to see it action with live data and take advantage of special discounted pricing, contact me. As an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Method Certified Account Manager, we can provide the best cost-effective solution for your business.

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