TSheets: Power Over Space and Time!

I have never been so excited about a company before even trying their service or product until now. This company, TSheets, has a lot of enthusiastic employees who I've seen with a big, loud, and fun presence at the Scaling New Heights conference. And recently, I have enjoyed a cool hangout with Jessie, their Accountant Program Director, who showed me all the amazing features of TSheets in our National Advisor Network Phoenix Chapter meeting.

Never before have I thought about the lowly timesheet, even though I have been using QuickBooks Pro Timer a lot recently to keep track of a major development project where I need to time my work and have another QuickBooks company file open other than my own. So while having to export and import timer activities is not major, I am much more impressed with the capabilities of TSheets.

This is just a short list of what I am excited about that TSheets does:

  • Syncs with both QuickBooks for Desktop and QuickBooks Online.
  • Clock in by calling in, via text message, and even Twitter!
  • Both iOS and Android apps
  • An additional Crew Time Tracker mobile app
  • And even a GPS tracker to show your employees' location when they are on the clock!

I've finally tried this all out on their web-based site and on my Android smartphone. I love this app! And support was quick at getting me set up and tracking time in no time. It is very clear that this company loves their employees as their hard work and enthusiasm shows.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I found out that TSheets won't work for what I do specifically, which is start timing a job and pause and resume the clock multiple times during a day like I have been doing in QuickBooks Pro Timer. This is critical because I can't have multiple single-time entries exporting to QuickBooks that are billable as this would show up as multiple line items on my client's invoice for the same day. Since this is a known issue that a lot of people want, I am hoping that TSheets will implement it soon: Love to see a pause button!It makes sense to me that if there is key functionality in a QuickBooks single-time entry, then TSheets should include the same in their software, as this could be a deal killer for a lot of people, who would thus be unable to use it.

UPDATE 10-28-16: TSheets added a break option a while back which works just like a pause button. They are amazing in that they are constantly looking at feedback and making improvements. More to come...!

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