QuickBooks Online Update: September 26, 2014

As expected, Intuit is moving full steam ahead with regular improvements to the QuickBooks Online platform. It's only a matter of time when the amount of features exceed those of QuickBooks for Desktop, especially if they do have new updates every 4 weeks or so. 

(1) This latest round includes bank feed rules. While QBO does a very good job of trying to automatically suggest matches, now you can have full control of what is supposed to go where and how. 

(2) Another new feature is a Send Later check box for transactions. I used this feature all the time in the desktop product, so this is a welcome addition. 

(3) You can now customize and preview statements including being able to include and edit the email subject and body before sending. Although infrequent, I had to do this several weeks ago and was kind of surprised when it just sent without any kind of setup, so this is now in line with how emailing invoices work. Nice.

(4) QuickBooks Labs is a new link under Chart of Accounts from the gear icon (settings). It came and went and now it's back again. I've added the Auto Complete plugin and it's pretty cool.

(5) And my last favorite, although there are other improvements, is being able to enter the exact amount for a receive payment that automatically checks the invoice for the same amount. 

So, this round exemplifies the much appreciated updates that revolve around control and automation

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