Save Attachments to Customers and Vendors in QuickBooks Online

I'm So Attached to You!

You provided the feedback and they listened! Yes, it's true. Using the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of QuickBooks Online (QBO) there is an extremely important and useful feature under Your Company called Feedback. There is a dedicated team at Intuit that reviews feedback provided via this channel, buckets the most popular submissions, and then budgets the implementation of features slated for future updates. It's also a great place to provide Praise to the team for listening to us when our desperately needed features or fixes are implemented. So keep providing your feedback to make this product even better!

Attachments in QBO is a much needed function for a cloud-based software. Having the ability to snap photos from the mobile app or scan receipts saved as PDFs that can be attached to transactions in QBO is essential for record-keeping. Being a completely paperless business, I scan everything into specific folders in Google Drive, with my current year receipt folder synced to my desktop into which I use a scanner that saves PDFs. But that's a whole other process which I was go over in a later post!

One of the latest updates to QBO has been the addition of attachments to Customers and Vendors. When you edit a customer (or client, donor, or other type you have set up in the settings), there is now an attachments tab. Here you can either click in the box/icon or drag and drop files to attach one or more files. You can attach practically anything: contracts, Excel spreadsheets, photos, you name it. And there is a generous 25MB limit for all the stuff you can attach to one customer. I thought this limit was above and beyond what was need to attach just one PDF receipt to an expense, but being able to attach multiple files is necessary in a lot of cases, such as attaching contracts, outlines, photos, etc. to estimates or merchant processing receipts, delivery tickets, etc. to invoices and sales receipts, which can then selectively be sent to a customer via email. I could see how attachments could be useful for vendors too, such as adding sales tax exemption certificates, W-9s for 1099 contractors, and so forth.

Unfortunately, the ability to add attachments to Accounts wasn't added in this update. I have been asking for this option and consider it the most important since I would like to be able to attach PDFs of bank statements or credit card statements that have been used for reconciliations. Or maybe you would like to attach loan statements or bills of sale for long term liabilities or fixed assets. Hopefully, Intuit is working on this functionality. If not, please send your own feedback so that they know this is important enough to add sooner than later. Currently, I am just uploading PDFs to the Attachment center and then editing them to say "Statement" in the Notes. This way, I can at least sort by the Note column to find all my statements, but it is still a pain to have to do this along with sorting by Name to find a particular statement.

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