Hidden Feature: Calculator Within QuickBooks

One of the best tips that I would provide my clients with, that they didn't usually know about before, was the calculator functions within QuickBooks Desktop. When typing any calculator function in a quantity or amount field in a transaction, Add (+), Subtract (-), Divide (/), or Multiply (*), a mini calculator would pop up.

 Adding the next number and then enter would provide the result.

What most people still don't know is that QuickBooks Online (QBO) also has this functionality. While a little calculation window doesn't pop up, you can still use any of the character functions in a quantity or amount field, add a number, and then the TAB key (the Enter key doesn't work here).

You will notice a red error message, "

This value is out of range

" when entering a number and then the character function. But just enter the next value or number and then TAB and it will calculate the result.

You can even do multiple calculations by inputting another character function, a number, character, number, on so on. It is not until you key the TAB button that it completes the calculation and provides a total.

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