Fishbowl Inventory Makes the Grade with QuickBooks Integration

Over the past few years, I have implemented and trained my clients on the inventory functionality in QuickBooks, focusing on the workarounds and tricks to make it work effectively. Unfortunately, it seems that I was requiring my clients to "jump through hoops" in order to maintain what is still very difficult to achieve in terms of accurate inventory control. And errors and frustration became inevitable. Therefore, I made the decision to test as many reputable inventory management solutions out there that integrate with QuickBooks that I could get my hands on. While there are many good software packages out there, in looking at the big picture of all the benefits, I chose Fishbowl Inventory.

I believe it is well-designed, easy to use, and is balanced in terms of not being overly-complicated or too basic, especially now with the option to add manufacturing and mobile warehouse capabilities. As a Fishbowl Value Added Reseller, I can provide the information and demos in conjunction with experience with QuickBooks integration as part of the decision-making process before even purchasing Fishbowl Inventory and/or upgrading QuickBooks. While able provide the software as a reseller, my focus is going beyond that by offering my services to install the software, create the Fishbowl database (which includes importing lists and setting up Bill of Materials), oversee the QuickBooks integration, training, and technical support.

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