Recommended Display (1920x1080) Resolution Missing in Windows 10

Recommended Display (1920x1080) Resolution Missing in Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, the resolution on my display would change after waking my computer and monitor from sleep. Unfortunately, the recommended resolution no longer shows up in the dropdown options.


  • I tried to hold off on upgrading to Windows 10 to avoid problems like this one. This started happening intermittently. I thought my graphics card was dying and I needed a new one anyway, so I upgraded to the Radeon RX 580, but the problem kept happening.

  • After waking my computer from sleep, the monitor also would wake from sleep and it would “auto adjust”. It would also flash an 800x600 resolution before the login screen.

  • Once logged in, the resolution is different, usually the 800x600. Going into the Display Settings of Windows 10, I would choose every single one of the options under Resolution, but none of them fit the screen of my monitor.


  • I researched online and tried many things such are uninstalling my video adapter’s driver and reinstalling the driver, but to no avail.

  • Turns out, the solution is simple. I just unplugged my monitor and then plugged it back in. All the sudden, my monitor auto adjusted and I was able to select the 1920x1080 recommended resolution.

  • I’m not sure why this is happening, but my guess is that waking from sleep, Windows 10 isn’t getting the correct resolution from my monitor fast enough on some occasions.

  • Update (6/19/19): Since writing this post, I found an easier solution. After waking the computer and when the resolution was wrong, I would put the computer back to sleep. While the monitor is still on, I would wake the computer again, and the resolution would fix itself. Yesterday, I found a new drive update for my AMD video card, so hopefully this will fix the solution after all.

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