QuickBooks 2012 Release 8 (R8) Now Available (Manual Update)

There are a lot of changes, enhancements, and fixes in this release. You can wait until the automatic update or install now for the following:

Subscription Feature
Available in Premier Plus, Pro Plus and QuickBooks Accountant with PAP
  • Added the ability to print bills in QuickBooks.
  • New feature added to improve how QuickBooks handles bounced checks.
1099 Forms
  • QuickBooks can now print large numbers of 1099s without interruption.
Accountant Specific
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Accountant Center from opening.
  • Accountant version: The Home page will now display when opening company files if the Desktop preference is selected
Advanced Inventory (Available in Enterprise Solutions Only)
  • QuickBooks will now use the next default Doc number when duplicating the inventory transfer transaction.
  • When exporting Inventory Valuation Summary by Site and Inventory Stock Status by Site reports to Excel, the totals will display the totals in QuickBooks and not as zeroes.
  • In the Inventory Center, the Quantity on Hand will now automatically refresh after transferring items to different sites.
  • The 'Filter Report by Serial Number' window will no longer appear when processing multiple reports that include the Transaction List by Serial Number reports. Instead, the report will remember the last serial number used.
  • QuickBooks will no longer crash during condense when inventory adjustments with serial/lot numbers are within the date range of the condense.
  • Additional boxes will no longer appear on printed invoices or PDFs when Serial Number is selected to print in the columns.
  • The message, "Default components to same sites as finished assembly" will now appear on the Build Assembly screen when you choose to bring back one-time messages.
  • Warning message "The number of Serial #s is less/more than the Quantity Specified" will now display - or not -- depending on your preferences setting.
  • You will now be able to view lots in the negative in the Lot Number Count column when creating adjustments for Lot Numbers.
  • The Print button in the Setup Advanced Inventory screen will now work correctly.
Application Integration
  • Improved performance when syncing contacts with Outlook.
  • QuickBooks will no longer display an incorrect check number after clicking Edit Transaction on a check where the number has been changed but not yet recorded.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise users assigned to the Time Tracking role will now be able to see time activities on the Calendar.
  • Sales Orders will now show under the Upcoming and Past Due sections on the Calendar.
  • QuickBooks will no longer exclude items created in a previous year from the Past Due section of the Calendar.
Condense Data
  • The Condense Data feature now works correctly when the option to "Create a report showing which transactions cannot be removed" is selected.
Email Sales Forms and Statements
  • QuickBooks will no longer create duplicates in the Select Forms to Send window if the Save button is clicked on an invoice marked To Be Emailed.
Enhanced Inventory Receiving (Available in Enterprise Solutions Only)
  • When Enhanced Inventory Receiving has been successfully enabled and multi-currency is on, the landing page will display amounts in the home currency.
  • Purchase order status now correctly changes back to open when bills linked to it are deleted.
  • Some crashes during the Enhanced Inventory Receiving conversions have been fixed.
  • When changing a service item's income or expense account with Enhanced Inventory Receiving enabled, QuickBooks will no longer replace the Inventory Offset account for affected historical transactions.
Excel (Send reports to Excel)
  • QuickBooks no longer creates a new worksheet in Excel when updating an existing worksheet.
  • Aging figures will remain unchanged when a report is created from the Customer Center and exported to Excel.
  • The option to include a space between columns of reports sent to Excel is now available.
File Operations
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent QuickBooks from completing a condense successfully.
  • QuickBooks will no longer display an unrecoverable error 14930 82988 or 14503 77225 when opening a company file.
  • Improved condense functionality.
  • Help button on the Open a Company window now displays the correct content.
  • "Find a local QuickBooks expert" QuickBooks will now prioritize the results with experts that support your version and industry.
  • In-product Help topics will now open when link is clicked from Search results.
  • Askforcd is now digitally signed.
Intuit Payment Network
  • When credits have been applied to an invoice before it is sent, PaymentNetwork now presents the net amount (not the gross) as the default amount to be paid online. Credits applied after the invoice was sent are not reflected in the amount to be paid unless the invoice is re-sent.
  • Intuit Payment Network will now restore the existing or default value if the account combo box edit is cancelled.
  • Enable Online Payment will now be automatically checked when creating an invoice from an estimate if the customer online payment link setting is "Always on for this customer".
  • PaymentNetwork users can now choose to receive payments via credit card (in addition to bank transfer). From within QuickBooks, you can enable/disable credit card acceptance for a single invoice, all invoices for a customer, or for all invoices/all customers.
  • Non-admin users can now access QuickBooks Statement Writer.
  • The Inventory menu is no longer visible when the "inventory & purchase orders are active" preference is unchecked.
  • Purchase Orders will now correctly show as closed after billing and receiving for them.
  • When you create a bill from a PO, the received quantity (from previous item receipts) is now considered when calculating the quantity for the items on the bill.
  • QuickBooks will now display items used in assemblies in the Transaction List by Serial Number report.
  • Item QuickReports and Inventory stock status reports quantity now match.
  • QuickBooks will no longer create duplicates in the Select Forms to Send window if the Save button is clicked on an invoice marked To Be Emailed.
Multi User/Hosting
  • H202 error code for multi-user has been updated to include detailed information to help identify root cause.
Name History on Transactions
  • Email addresses for customers will now display on the Name History on Transactions pane when creating or viewing invoices.
New User Setup
  • Blank rows will no longer be displayed when fixing duplicate names in QuickBooks Setup.
  • Saving a timesheet with the Save and New button will no longer have incorrect columns and/or close with an unexpected error.
  • The timesheet will now correctly show Employee names first in the list when you have already recorded a prior timesheet using the Save and New button.
  • Enhanced Payroll for Accountant subscribers will now have the ability to print a custom logo on pay stubs and paycheck vouchers.
Price Markup and Markup preferences
(Available in Enterprise Solutions Only)
  • The word *overflow* will no longer appear in the Price column of the Item List when the price is set to zero.
  • "Overflow" will no longer appear in the Markup Percent field when cost and price are set to zero.
  • When the Markup global preference is set to 'Use default: Percent over Cost' and you edit the markup of an item, calculations will now work and display correctly.
  • Verify and Rebuild can now detect and fix most cases of the overflow error related to price markup.
QuickBooks Attached Documents
  • QuickBooks will no longer display the Error: Failed to open file: (File path) The specified file was not found, when opening an attached document that has special characters in the name of the file. (#, % etc.)
  • Improved error messaging when deleting documents that show in the Document Center but have been moved or removed from the system.
QuickBooks File Manager
  • You will now be required to answer the Challenge questions when restoring and changing the password from the QuickBooks File Manager.
  • QuickBooks File Manager in-product Help articles have been updated to display 2012 instead of 2011.
QuickBooks Merchant Services
  • The Merchant Account sign-up has been streamlined.
  • Some extraneous text will no longer show on the QuickBooks informational message when checking Merchant Account reminders.
  • Inventory Site filter has been added to the Inventory Valuation Summary By Site and Inventory Stock Status By Site reports.
  • QuickBooks no longer displays the Average Cost column on the Inventory Valuation Detail report when the FIFO preference is enabled.
  • QuickBooks will now display a confirmation message once a report is emailed using the webmail option.
Reports Center
  • The report center now refers to new servers to improve performance, scalability and user experience.
  • You can now add employees from other countries using the SDK without an error.
  • There is no longer a failure to close QBW32.exe when there is no automatic login permission.
  • SDK apps can now open connections on Terminal Services machines (in most cases.)
  • The tag will now be updated correctly. This is only used by the SDK.
Send Forms
  • You can now edit transactions flagged to email without adding a duplicate email to the Send Forms list.
  • QuickBooks will no longer display the Unrecoverable Error 11296 98535" when opening QuickBooks with some company files.
  • QuickBooks will no longer unexpectedly close when you open a company file through the File menu when the "No Company Open" window is not displayed.
User Interface
  • Fields and drop-down lists will no longer overlap when changing Assembly Item setup options

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