QuickBooks 2013: Should you upgrade now?

As an early adopter of new technology, I started using QuickBooks 2013 for my own company file as soon as it came out. I only had  small hiccup when I installed the manual patch for one of the earlier releases and it hosed my Merchant Services, albeit temporarily. I only had to uninstall, revert back to a previous patch, and wait for the automatic update. Sometimes jumping the gun isn't always the best action. 

Since then I've only had a couple Enterprise clients upgrade to the 2013 version, only because we were starting a new company file in the new year and having the "old" data in a previous version is always convenient. For those that haven't upgraded yet, this version has a totally new user interface along with some other cool new features. I have only seen a few glitches in the windows, such as not being able to click on the "Done" button in the adding downloaded transactions into the register window (newer version, side-by-side); however, I have managed by just clicking the Enter key. Other than that, I started getting reports from both clients that their users were getting kicked out of QuickBooks randomly and intermittently.

This was the most common error message during the crashes:

And this one may be related:

These types of crashes are probably the hardest to troubleshoot because they occurred randomly among several users doing all different tasks in QuickBooks. And in my previous searches on Intuit's support web site, I could not find anything particularly related to what was happening to my clients in a networked environment...until recently.

Another good tidbit of information I learned when talking to Intuit support (thankfully, I have Diamond US-based support being an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor) was that this issue was not only identified, but also in "containment." When a KB (knowledge base article) provides you with the option to be notified of updates, it means that development is working on a fix. 

Currently, I am on release R5. I believe they are already beta testing R6 to fix this issue. Therefore, once this nuisance of a problem is resolved, then I see no reason why anyone shouldn't upgrade to 2013. It looks a lot more modern and updated and I was able to learn and navigate around it pretty quickly. And if you are not in a network environment, then you should have no problems upgrading now. 

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