Sales Form Customization in Method CRM for QuickBooks Online

I have been using QuickBooks Online (QBO) for my own business for several months now. In the beginning, I discovered right away a site where QBO users can voice their feedback in a public forum with their feature requests and are given a certain number of votes so that they can put more emphasis on either their own or other users' requests. Another way that I submit feedback, and use all the time, is the Feedback option under Company when clicking on the Gear icon in QBO and then I select the "Send us a message" option. This ensures that Intuit logs and "buckets" my message and increases the chance that it gets attention. 

What's great about the feedback forum is that you can see which requests users are having issues with in QBO the most. And the biggest gripe is about invoice (or sales) template customization. I can remember spending hours customizing my first invoice in QuickBooks for Desktop when I started my business, as I wanted a very professional invoice. When I converted to QBO, it was very clear that this type of customization is very limited. However, I consider QBO as a way to simplify and automate my processes, so I accepted it as a way to keep it simple. The only issue I had and learned to deal with, is the printing of the item (product or service) on the invoice, which previously I didn't print and only printed the description, along with quantity, rate, etc. But reading through the forum post have better sales form customization, you will see that other users have more complex template needs and are very frustrated. 

Older version for form customization

What makes this even more convoluted is that a large number of users still only have the older version for customization, including myself, even though I have the newer preferences. I had to insist on an Intuit technical support rep that I had the older version and it wasn't until he viewed my screen did he believe me. And on the forum, the QBO Team had announced that even another newer version using a one form variant where you can upload a *.docx based template will be coming. When it will happen, who knows, as I am still waiting for the new QBOA. 

In the meantime, for those that really need advanced sales form customization, as seen with the Layout Designer in QuickBooks for Desktop, I would suggest using Method CRM. I have been using Method for many years and have helped my clients as an Advanced Certified Customization Consultant, of which there are only just over a dozen in the world. Method CRM has its own Report Designer, which is used for customizing templates for invoices, sales receipts, etc. as well as regular reports. You have complete control over the sizing and position of logos and fields for your company information, such as address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. You also have the freedom to choose different fonts, colors, lines, shapes, pictures, you name it. 

Method Report Designer Mode

Method Report Designer Preview Mode

Of course, Method CRM can be used for more than just template customization. It has been extremely useful to extend the functionality of QuickBooks for Desktop and now I find it is essential for QuickBooks Online accounts.

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