Method CRM: Now Advanced Certified and New & Improved QuickBooks Custom Reports

These are actually two separate announcements but since they happened around the same time and they are somewhat related, I figured I would put them together since they are pretty huge. First off, I am now an Advanced Method Certified Consultant of Method:CRM. I probably should have taken this a long time ago, but at least I was able to garner the experience of some pretty complex customization jobs for my clients up until now. Recently, I implemented a brand new business that is completely mobile using Method. This was a huge project, but well worth the challenge and experience. And after a few years working in Method, my non-profit client has expanded their tracking in Method to other programs within their organization.

A lot of my database experience that has helped me with Method stems from my extensive background in designing custom reports using QuickBooks data. Understanding how data is structured and organized and then being able to put it all together into an understandable format is key to the intelligence of information. I supported the QODBC driver for QuickBooks when I worked at Intuit and then used it ever since I started my business almost 7 years ago creating custom reports for my clients. I thought I was pretty advanced when I found a way to really speed up the syncing of my report applications with QuickBooks. But now, moving forward, I have found a better and even faster way using the Method API. Taking advantage of the best QuickBooks synchronization provided by the Method Sync Engine, getting the reports that you need is only a few button clicks away. It doesn't matter if you are using QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Online, and you won't have to purchase a QODBC driver, QQube, or Crystal Reports. And you get introduced to a world-class application called Method:CRM (unless you already use it!).

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