Import Bank Transactions Easily Into QuickBooks For Free!

For years I have been showing clients how I import .QBO or Web Connect Files downloaded from my bank as .QFX or the file format usually provided free by banking institutions for import into Quicken Financial Software, also known as Web Connect for Quicken 2011 and above. This can be tricky for most people, having to change the downloaded file's extension to .TXT, edit in Notepad by changing the FID and INTU.BID to one that I know works, and then saving the file with the .QBO extension. This can be a real pain having to do this every time you want to import bank transactions but unfortunately, Intuit charges banks for the .QBO file format and thus your bank charges you for this "privilege."

That was until I came across a very cool utility that does all of this in the blink of an eye. It's called QuickBooks Converter and it's free! The only requirements are that you use the Chrome browser, which is the only one that I use unless it's not supported by an application such as certain Intuit websites, and that you use a .QFX file. The added bonus is that is safe and secure, as the file is not converted via any website but rather directly on your computer, so you don't even have to be connected to the Internet for the conversion!

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